Acergy Polaris

For the J-lay barge Acergy Polaris, SMST has delivered a number of custom-made items. The J-lay tower was supplied by Huisman Equipment and SMST for the two newly-built workstations for welding and coating, a telescopic access bridge and an umbilical management system. The lower workstation, number 2, is located on the stinger and it can be moved up and down. The roof can also be rotated to make space for large objects in the fire line. SMST also designed and delivered a PLET-handling system. This system is installed on the stinger and rotates the PLET from horizontal to vertical position in the fire line. When the PLET is in the fire line the PLET handler can also manipulate the PLET to line up with the protruding pipe line. When in garage position, the PLET handler clears the working area for workstation 2 and other equipment.
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The SMST scope of delivery for the Polaris
  • Workstation 1, including tiltable floor and floor hatches
  • Workstation 2, including rotation roof and welding manipulators
  • Telescopic access bridge
  • PLET handler, capacity 100 tons
  • Test spreader, capacity 825 tons
  • Umbilical management system