Telescopic Access Bridge range

SMST provides a range of Telescopic Access Bridges (TAB) that can transfer personnel safely to an offshore structure or the quay side. Main functions of the bridge are luffing, slewing and telescoping to continuously compensate the motion and displacements.

The range of access bridges is subdivided into 4 categories: S, M, L and XL. The smallest solution (S-version) is designed to be combined with the 13.5 meter fast offshore craft, which is also part of the SMST product range. By mounting the access bridge on the vessel, personnel can be transferred safely and cost effectively. Unique is the stability of the craft accomplished by the motion compensated system of the bridge. The M, L and XL version of the Telescopic Access Bridge are designed for both walk-to-work application and cargo handling. The balanced construction enables easy access to wind farms and accommodation platforms with the use of low power and minimal space requirements. The access bridges vary in length up to a maximum of 58 meter.

All our Telescopic Access Bridges are designed and built according to DNV and ABS.
Available ranges







4 - 12m

16 - 30m

19 - 41m

28 - 58m

Vessel type

Crew transfer vessels

W2W vessels

Accommodation & W2W vessels

Accommodation vessels

SMST also has developed a Telescopic Access Bridge & Crane (TABC). It has the same principles as the TAB, but combines the access bridge with a Telescopic Boom Crane. This crane is designed for a large range of deck and offshore lifts and handlings. To this concept also is fitted an Active Motion Compensation.

If you want to know more about the TAB and TABC, please contact us.