Located in the northern part of the Netherlands, SMST Designers & Constructors has an office and a building location in Drachten. Engineering, production and after sales are all located in one place, keeping communication easy and the people committed. A team of after sales engineers operates worldwide for commissioning of the products and offering client service.

Capacity and Office Specifications
Total yard area: 30000 m2 total area, of which 65% outside space
Test facility, spill proof designed: 1500 m2
Total production area: 10000 m2 inside production floor capacity
Maximum hoisting capacity: up to 200 tons with overhead cranes
Quay length: 144 meters
Quay side cranes: with overheadcranes 200 tons (vertical lift) at 22m above ground
Office area: 2650 m2 office area, included workshop offices